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"All are very tenacious of life, and none have any commercial value although the flesh is good."
- David Starr Jordan, 1905, A Guide to the Study of Fishes, Vol 2, P 195.

Aphyosemion australe (gold) Aphyosemion bualanum Nematolebias catimbau Aphanius danfordii Aphyosemion exiguum
Papiliolebias francescae Epiplatys guineensis Simpsonichthys hellneri Xenurolebias izecksohni Fundulus julisia Fundulopanchax  kribianus Nothobranchius luekei Rivulus (Laimosemion) mabura Austrolebias nigripinnis Callopanchax occidentalis Pachypanchax playfairii Moema quiii Nothobranchius rachovii Fp. sjoestedti Hypsolebias tocantinensis N. ugandensis Pachypanchax varatraza Aplocheilus dayi werneri Fundulus xenicus Gnatholebias zonatus
Images of the worlds Killifish.
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General Killifish information

Information and articles about Killifish such as how to keep and breed them, lights, plants, filters and food and more

Names of all killifish

List of all names of killifish plus the authoritative source for the three latter code names Scheel created for this family.
 Taxa by country
 Taxa fine details

Family / species relationships

Tree of life for killifish; a graph of the family/taxonomic relationships within the Cyprinodontiformes; lists of species by country.


Eschemeyer's Catalog of Fishes
The canonical list of living and fishes maintained promptly for two decades now by Bill Eschemeyer whose personal advice and guidance has provided insight used herein.
Huber's Killi-Data
Jean Huber's killi-data site maintains what many people believe to be the canonical list of all Killfish. Subscription required.

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