Suborders within the Cyprinodontiformes
Suborders in the Order Cyprinodontiformes

Killifish, the common name for oviparous Cyprinodontiformes fishes, are currently classified into 11 families (Huber, 2005 and later)

AUS - Aphyosemion australe
Aplocheilus parvus Neofundulus aureomaculatus
Pronothobranchius kiyawensis

Families within suborder Aplocheiloidei

Suborder Aplocheiloidei Bleeker, 1859.

[Bleeker, P. 1859. Enumeratio Specierum Piscium hucusque in Archipelage Indico Observatorum, adjectis Habitationibus Cattionibusque, ubi Descritiones earum recentiorus reperientur, nec non Specibus Musei Bleekeriani, bengalensibus, japonicis, capensibus, tasmanicisque. Act. Soc. Sc. Indo-Neerl., 6: i-xxxvi + 1-276.]

Wikispecies lists this name as "disputed" which amounts to little more than a procedural issue. Van der Haas found in 2014 "Rivulinidae"* was already used for a moth so it has to go. That's not in dispute. The ICZN has not got around to blessing this change yet, which doesn't mean much, the argument is valid and theres no possibility this name change will not happen, it is wrong until it is. Strict adherence to ICZN rules makes this "in dispute" not any flaw in the argument, this in this case adherence to those names implies continuation of a clashing taxa. The killie came later, the moth name isn't going to change.

WikiSpecies explains the issue well.

* This is what happens when computer folks start making databases for living things. who else would notive

ABE - Procatopus aberrans

Superfamilies within suborder Cyprinodontoidei


Families within Pantanodontoide (Myers 1955) Huber 2023

Family Pantanodontoide (Myers 1955) Huber 2023

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