Species of killifish grouped by geographic location
Species of killifish grouped by geographic location

Killifish are found all over the world except for the Antarctic and Northern Europe. The greatest number of species are in Africa, while the greatest number of species in a single country are in North America. So common are killies in the United States of America that in some areas there "killifish" are synonymous with "bait" - in reference to Fundulus chrysotus.

BIT - Aphyosemion bitaeniatum - Ijebu Ode

African countries

Killifish are found throughout all of Africa and more killifish come from here that anywhere else on the planet.

This section lists all of the species found in Africa.

SIR - Aphanius sirhani

Europe & Asia

This region has the fewest killifish and while there are none in northern Europe there are a few species scattered in the near, far and middle east.

ARO - Fundulus auroguttatus

North America

Also referred to as "bait" killifish are found throughout North America, including and especially the desert regions of the southwest! Both freshwater and fully marine species are found here although the great majority are strictly freshwater.

WHT - Nematolebias whitei

South America

This area has the second-largest number of killifish and is home to both plant spawing rivilins and true annual peat spawners. While Africa has the most colorful fish the South American fish more that make up for this with exotic fin shapes.

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