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Vintage art

Old artwork featuring killifish.

Aphyosemion sjostedti

Killi Clubs

There are killifish clubs everywhere and there is one near you.



The very first email-list/group was killies@mejac in 1986. A decade later in the post consumer internet there were a half dozen more. In the next decade website BBS things popped up but by 2015 most of those have for the large part be abandoned in favor of Facebook where there are a rather large number of killifish groups as of 2015.

HOF - Aphyosemion (Mes.?) hofmanni

Killi News

Three new Rivulus desribed by Costa in winter 2008, two additional species redescribed. Soft tissue phylogenetic analysis in Cyprinodontiform fishes by Stefan T. Hertwig
2007: Simpsonichthys punctulatus described, Fundulopanchax kamdemi described, Chromaphyosemion koungueense, C. omega, C. melinoeides described., Simpsonichthys nigromaculatus described, Rivulus illuminatus described, Kryptolebias marmoratus, the only known hermaphrodite vertibrate, has been found living in trees.

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